Our Philanthropy

We are a philanthropic firm committed to helping others while improving the world around us. We view wealth not as an end unto itself, but as an instrument to effect positive and transformational change.

   “Everyone should be a participant not participating means putting off on others               the responsibility for the world of your children and grandchildren.”
                                  -  Leonard Kaplan, The Alliance for Global Good

Our Legacy Society
Our Legacy Society evolved over decades to bestow our highest honor upon those who embody philanthropic passion, and as a way to harness the creative power of a shared vision.

We are blessed that the nature of our work has allowed us to essentially partner with our clients and help them to create plans for significant impact for their communities. The cumulative results from our combined efforts are estimated at more than $300 million* earmarked for private philanthropy.

Developing a vision of what is possible establishes true purpose. This purpose helps to empower our clients to create plans that can impact the world, usually beyond what they imagined possible. The key is having the right components: (1) core personal values, (2) capacity, and (3) the intellectual capital to pull it all together – knowledge with accountability and measuring.

  • Be Inspired: If you could, would you...impact the world in a positive way?

Our experience shows that most high net worth families have long-standing advisory relationships, along with good tactical elements in their planning; however, traditional planning is usually fragmented and yields overall results that are often sub-optimal due to inefficiencies. We find that many families have the ability to do so much more without threatening their financial independence or their intended family legacy.

We urge you to give yourself a second chance to see what just might be possible and give us the opportunity to explore with you any untapped opportunities that may truly impact your legacy.

  • Inspire: If you could, would you...help others enhance their journey from success to significance?

By inspiring others to explore what might be possible; you can become a catalyst for extreme positive impact and compliment your individual legacy. Join us in a collaborative effort to expand our collective footprint of helping others and the world around us. Just imagine your legacy multiplied by 10 or even 100.

Commitment to the Broader Community
As part of our commitment to the broader community, we have contributed our time and talents to assisting nonprofits nationwide through The Art of Endowment Building. We have also invested considerable time leading educational directives for professional advisors to increase their awareness of opportunities to help their clients and communities through charitable estate planning.

Leadership through Venture Philanthropy
In 2010 LEGACYpcs established a dedicated internal resource in Mary Wolkomir. Mary serves as our Philanthropic Liaison and helps lead our direct involvement in community projects.  We seek opportunities to combine Mary's direct leadership with The Art of Endowment Building for total overall IMPACT.

LEGACYpcs Making a Difference.

In addition to the initiatives listed above, the co-founders of LEGACYpcs have implemented donor-advised funds to facilitate their private family philanthropy and charitable estate planning.


*as measured at the time each plan is executed