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Our Philanthropy

Stewarding wealth is a responsibility. Our founders and our firm are dedicated to helping others impact the world around us, with a $1 billion goal for endowment building and venture philanthropy.

“Everyone should be a participant; not participating means putting off on others the responsibility for the world of your children and grandchildren.”

Leonard Kaplan, The Alliance for Global Good

Our Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society evolved over decades to honor those who embody philanthropic passion, and to harness the creative power of a shared vision.

We are blessed that the nature of our work has allowed us to essentially partner with our clients and help them to create plans for significant impact for their communities. The cumulative results from our combined efforts are estimated at nearly $400 million earmarked for private philanthropy.

Be Inspired

We find that many families have the ability to do so much more without threatening their financial independence or their intended family legacy. We urge you to give yourself a second chance to see what just might be possible and give us the opportunity to explore with you any untapped opportunities that may truly impact your legacy.

Inspire others

By inspiring others to explore what might be possible; you can become a catalyst for extreme positive impact and compliment your individual legacy. Join us in a collaborative effort to expand our collective footprint of helping others and the world around us. Just imagine your legacy multiplied by 10 or even 100.

LEGACYpcs Making a Difference Today.

$1Bil goal for Endowment building through Planning Venture Philanthropy - In 2010 LEGACYpcs established a dedicated internal resource in Mary Wolkomir; Mary serves as our Philanthropic Liaison to help lead our direct involvement in community projects and magnify current giving. 

To-date we have helped generate in excess of $1Mil in current giving some recent recipients:

In addition to the initiatives listed above, the co-founders of LEGACYpcs have implemented donor-advised funds to facilitate their private family philanthropy and charitable estate planning.

Comfort Zone Camp

For over 21 years, Comfort Zone has partnered with communities to support children and families after the loss of a parent, sibling, or guardian. Because of your generosity, Comfort Zone Camp has equipped more than 21,000 children nationwide - many now grown with families and careers of their own - with the healthy coping skills needed to overcome the many challenges that loss and life both bring. None of it would be possible without the dedicated support of donors and volunteers.

A mission that builds a community. Comfort Zone Camp provides grieving children with a voice, a place, and a community in which to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives.

And makes a lasting impact. Your support will help directly serve more than grieving children nationwide and directly impact approximately 5,000 individuals nationwide through free-of-charge programs, trainings, and group support.

CZC Charity Golf Classic Event

Childhood Bereavement is an overlooked issue that we, and many others, believe deserves more attention. Even before COVID-19, grief in the classroom was an all-too-common occurrence. COVID-19 has significantly amplified the need for social and emotional support in our nation’s schools. With millions of children suffering this immeasurable loss, our goal has been to provide funding to offer camp programs and resources to these children. Our vision at Legacy is to unite a community through a common effort to help support children at a time when they so desperately need comfort and support.

Our largest fundraiser has been the CZC Charity Golf Classic for Kids held annually at Brier Creek Country Club. Our first tournament was held in 2010 which was a great success. We have continued to hold this prestigious event each and every year and have raised over $300,000 for Comfort Zone Camp. We have also been honored to have James Worthy (Lakers Hall of Fame, UNC) serve as our Celebrity Host each and every year. James lost his brother a number of years ago and his niece attended one of our camps. His support of CZC has been outstanding and he knows firsthand the value of the camp programs.

Through this event and other initiatives, our unwavering mission is to raise the funds and awareness necessary to help give grieving children hope and to make a positive difference in their lives.