Our Services

In today's environment, perhaps more than ever, entrepreneurs and families need tax efficient and effective strategies to accumulate and preserve wealth. Creating financial stability is vital to creating an empowering values-based legacy that reflects who they are and what they believe in.

We specialize in designing macro plans and providing financial solutions to high net worth individuals, executives and entrepreneurs.  Our goal is to both inspire and help our clients to optimize the use and distribution of their total wealth resources – according to their core personal values.

Our history and experience provide valuable perspective and is the core of our competitive advantages from which our clients benefit.  When combined with our resources we are able to offer advantages unique to the financial and planning world.

Focus on Best Fit Relationships

We pursue and maintain best fit relationships through personal introductions only, which are built on a foundation of value, mutual respect and a commitment to help one another. Our fee-based (not fee only) structure allows us to conduct business without the need to “make a sale” to be compensated, while permitting us to stay true to our roots and core competencies by offering valuable products and services where appropriate.

Fee-based Advisory Planning

In the capacity of a fiduciary, we offer macro-level financial planning, focused on wealth transfer and philanthropy through our Registered Advisor Affiliate, Eagle Strategies, LLC.

Tactical Solutions Modeling

Occasionally, situations do not warrant strategic fee-based planning, yet still have potential for significant enhancement. In these circumstances we offer tactical solutions modeling.

Life Insurance Solutions for the Affluent

We specialize in offering life insurance solutions that integrate with planning strategies used by the affluent. Strategies generally include (1) low premium high death benefit policies where cash value is secondary, (2) high cash value policies where death benefit is secondary, and (3) hybrid strategies available that include some sort of both for flexibility in planning. Product offerings are through New York Life and a number of additional carriers via brokerage.

Income Planning

We offer proprietary analytics based on Ibbotson/Morningstar research and modeling that goes beyond customary systematic distributions that relies on asset allocation modeling based on historical averages.

Investment Services

We have the capacity to provide a wide variety of solutions, including offering fee only services with independent investment management firms, through our Registered Advisor Affiliate, Eagle Strategies, LLC.

Corporate Fiduciary Services

When appropriate, we can provide access to corporate trustee services independent of the investment and insurance arm of the trust company. These services are intended to focus on the fiduciary role only, with the purpose of facilitating continuity in your planning at a time when it is needed most.

On-going Private Client Services

For clients who embrace the notion of treating the family wealth as a business, we offer on-going fee-based planning services, born from studying family office services at NYU’s Family Wealth Institute in the early 1990’s and developed over two decades. Our process integrates cutting edge technology with our intellectual capital to help private clients manage their wealth enterprise.