Our Advantages

Client Orientation

We saw a niche opportunity in the financial services industry and filled it. Unlike traditional or conventional financial, insurance or estate planning firms that serve a broad clientele, our focus is and has been exclusively on serving the needs and opportunities unique to the successes of high net worth clients.

Professional Orientation

Our perspective is built upon a combination of exposure and experience few advisors can offer, having worked directly with some of the nation’s leading professionals to high net worth families, across multiple disciplines. In addition to our business development, we have served communities throughout the US by providing educational initiatives for professionals and endowment building through sophisticated insurance and estate planning for leading non-profits.

Private Family Business

LEGACYpcs is a private company with its roots dating back nearly five decades and across multiple generations. Many of the issues our private clients face are issues that we intimately understand on a personal level, including business succession, wealth transfer planning and private philanthropy.

Our Philosophy

Because we are privately owned, our perspective is our own and dedicated to our client's best interests. Through interfacing with some of the country’s leading professionals and institutions, it became obvious that no single institution provided the best of everything under one roof. Accordingly, our vision was to remain true to core competencies of life insurance and estate planning, while seeking to affiliate with leading independent firms to provide complementary services and products to our clients.

Our Value Proposition

Just as wealthy clients are selective regarding whom they choose to work with, we also carefully evaluate who we take on as private clients. We control annual growth by seeking a limited number of new quality relationships – our goal is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Only after our preliminary impact report quantifies the potential enhancement as significant do we seek to move forward with a new relationship.